Rust (The Game)

Rust is a video game created by Facepunch studios in 2013. The version of Rust in 2013 looked kind of different than today. You can probably find some images on Google by searching, “Rust Legacy”. I got the game in February 2015 and it stayed like this until for a few months later when the game changed again to what is now today where they are still adding updates.

Rust is a survival game inspired by games like Minecraft and DayZ. The environment in Rust is not great. Bears and wolves will chase and kill you since as of now they are a bit better than they used to be. Before the bears and wolves were able to climb through rocks and your building foundations. They could also come out of nowhere like ninjas. Therefore bears were sometimes referred to as, “Ninja Bears”. ¬†Falling from a height will also kill you even falling into the water. Being exposed to radiation for an extended period will kill you. Starving will kill you. Being cold will kill you. Other players can find you, kill you, and take your stuff. Luckily, you can kill other players and take their stuff. You can probably see the point now. However, you can team up with friends and work together to survive. Although if you’re working with someone you don’t know they could backstab you, take over your base, and all of your things.

Currently, I’m not playing too much Rust since the current system doesn’t work as every update (every Thursday) all servers get force wiped. A force wipe is when all data from the server is erased like buildings, resources, and the map layout sometimes. To craft things, there are also components which can only be found in barrels and crates that generate randomly. If the servers wipe every week then only the really dedicated plays that play 3-5 hours a day will be able to get all the good items and dominate the server.

Rust is still in active development so the game is not ready yet for a full release as they are still updating the game to make it better. Facepunch is currently working on a new AI system for the bears, wolves, deer, boars, and other animals, so that they are more, “Realistic” instead of Ninja Bears.

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