Last days of school

This week, I’ll be talking about my last few days at Redstone. June 28, was the last full day of school. So on that day, we had a lot to do. At the beginning of the day, we mainly had our locker clean outs and yearbook signing. However, it was mainly signing yearbooks since we got to go to the other classes. After going to Mrs.Biniki’s class, it was recess. Recess was short and we didn’t really do anything.

Once recess was over, our class and some other classes went outside for free time. Unfortunately, during this time there was a fire drill. After the fire drill, we continued with our free time. The grade eights decided to play soccer, baseball, or kickball. Some of my friends and I played kickball. Eventually, my friends and I got bored of the game. Instead, we found some shade and decided to play cards. When the second block ended, we went back inside for lunch. After our last lunch at Redstone, we had our final lunch recess. For the last few hours of school, everyone went down to the gym. There we had our character assembly.

The next day, was our last and final day. Our first three periods of school were used to say goodbye to the staff that were leaving Redstone. One of these people was the vice principal. After the assembly we had recess, we mainly spent this time talking to others and saying how we will miss each other. The last three periods of Redstone for the grade 8’s was mainly spent signing yearbooks, saying goodbye, and getting ready to walk outside. After walking outside most of the grade 8’s had a very sad moment because everyone realizes that this is their last day at Redstone. When I left for home some people were still crying.

Overall, the last few days of Redstone are very enjoyable and happy memories. It’s really sad that I will be leaving Redstone, but at the same time, I got to move onto high school. I may not get to see some of my classmates, but we will still communicate with Skype.


Grad Ceremony

This week I will talk about my Graduation ceremony and the following party. Everything started off normally on June 20 until I arrived at school. In the gym, all the grade 8’s practiced for the graduation ceremony. We were put into pairs in alphabetical order. Once we had our pairs, we would practice walking into the ceremony. After practicing, I was the only grade 8 in the school. Since I didn’t want to be the only grade 8, I called mommy and asked if I could come home. When I got home, it was still 11 am. After eating lunch and taking a nap, it was 2 pm.

When everyone got home, we left the house at 5 pm. When we reached the hall, some of my classmates had already arrived. Soon, almost everyone from the grade had arrived and it was time for the group picture. After the picture, we all walked outside and prepared for the ceremony. When we walked into the room again, our parents were already there. Like we practiced in the gym, we received our diploma. Once everyone received their diploma, we watched our graduation video. When that was over, everyone walked outside the room, the parents left and the children went to eat dinner.

The dinner was not as bad as I thought it would be. We had salad, pasta, fries, chicken strips, and bread. Besides food, we had Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, and Sprite Zero. After eating, the dancing started. The music was very loud and you could hear it from most parts of the room. Some other people and I spent most of our time at the dance floor corner. After the dancing stopped, it was time to go home. I personally liked the graduation ceremony and I look forward to high school.



Grad Trip Day 2

The second day of our trip started early in the morning. My group got up at around 7:30, all because one of my friends got up early in the morning. We then spent the next 30 min packing up. Around 8:00 it was time for breakfast, the whole grade went down to the dining hall for breakfast. Breakfast was probably the best meal we got at Blue Mountain.

After breakfast, we separated into our groups to do our events. Our group had mountain biking, so we walked to the bike rentals. There, we got our bikes. We then rode our bikes to the gondola. Using the gondola we got our bikes to the top of the mountain. We then started riding one of Blue Mountain’s many courses. After a bit of riding, it was actually much easier than I thought. Even though most of us were having a good time some of us fell.

After the long ride, our group had a short break. Unfortunately, we found out we didn’t have a break and we were supposed to go to the Apex bag jump. However, since Mr. Barwin went to the hotel we didn’t have a teacher to accompany us. We didn’t get to go to the event until Mrs. Biniki came along. The bag jump event was actually really simple. There are four platforms, each one is higher is higher than the last. In order to go to the other platforms, you have to first pass a test. The test is also really simple, you just need to successfully jump to the prior platform. After everyone took their turns, it was time for lunch. For lunch, we had pita pit. Lunch wasn’t really special, in addition to our pita, we had a bag of chips and a drink of our choice.

After lunch, it was time to go back to school. We grabbed our stuff from our rooms, and we headed downstairs to the lobby. In the lobby, our grade was separated into two groups. Each group got to go on their own bus. This time on the bus ride back to school, we had a lot more space. After a long bus ride, we eventually made it back to school.

Overall, it felt like we did less than yesterday. For example, the grade didn’t get free time like yesterday. In the end, the graduation trip was really fun. We did a lot of events that were really enjoyable. Some of these events were zip lining and the bag jump. In the future, I hope to go on another enjoyable trip like this.

Grad Trip Day 1

On Thursday, June 8, I woke up at 7 am in the morning for the graduation trip. After some last minute packing, I arrived at school. By 7:45 am, some of my friends have already arrived. By 8:16 am we still haven’t left the school. Later, we found out that there was only one bus. This meant everyone in the grade had to fit in one bus.

After a long and uncomfortable ride to Blue Mountain. We grabbed our luggage and put it in two rooms, while we did our activities for the rest of the day. After the grade got split up into three groups, we went to our activities. My group’s first activity was a compass challenge. Basically, we had to complete challenges using a compass.
Like, go to certain landmarks.

Our next activity was zip lining. At first, I thought that zip lining would be exciting and quick. Unfortunately, I was wrong. First, we had to get our equipment on. This took a few minutes, then we had to hike up a mountain to get to the zip line platform. Then the long wait began. It took about ten minutes for three people to go and there were two classes. It didn’t help that I was in the back of our class. So after two hours of waiting, we finally finished the zip lining.

Our final activity for the day was the timber activity. This was my least favorite activity of the of the day. Basically, you had to complete a bunch of courses. These courses have different obstacles, for example, a bridge. The only part I don’t like is that all the obstacles are at least three meters off the ground. After the activities, it was time for dinner. After we moved our luggage into our separate rooms, we went to the dining hall. After our dinner, most of the students went hiking. Aaron and I started later than the others. After ten minutes we still hadn’t reached the top. However, I was able to some pictures. Soon it was time for bed. All of the students went to their room and went to bed.

Overall, the first day was pretty good. Besides the timber challenge, I had a very good time. My favorite part of the first day was the zip lining. Even though it took a super long time it was still very fun. My next blog I will talk about the second day of my graduation trip.

A quick look at Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is an MMO RPG and is Bungie’s successor to Destiny. The game will be coming out during September, so I will talk about all the current information.

The gameplay will probably remain the same with new weapons and armor. However, the only thing people are concerned about right know is the new subclasses. In Destiny, each class gets two subclasses and the player gets to choose one for their character. In the new installment, players get to choose three instead of two subclasses. These new classes are the Titan’s Sentinel, the Hunter’s Arcstrider, and the Warlock’s Dawnblade subclasses. I’m really excited to try the Hunter’s Arcstrider subclasses.

One of the things that got me excited for this game, was the support. The last Destiny game only appeared on 4 platforms. These platforms were consoles the PS4, the XBOX1, the XBOX360, and the PS3. This time, only the PC and newest generation of consoles will support the game. This makes me very excited since I don’t need a new console to play the game.

There will also be some tweaks to the graphics and multiplayer. Overall, I believe Destiny 2 is a game to keep your eye on. I think it has the potential to be a great game, and I’m looking forward to the release date.

Track & Field

Last week, Redstone PS had their annual track and field events. In this blog, I will talk about my experience with this year’s track and field.

A week before the actual events, we had to sign up for our events. I signed up for all the field events, the 200m, the 400m, and the 1500m runs. When the first track and field day came, my class was the first outside. After a few minutes, the rest of the classes came outside. Then the girls and the boys were separated, so then we could go to our events. The grade 8 boys first event was the 100 m dash. Initially, I did not sign up for the 100 m but I decided to do it anyway. I asked the teacher if I could sign up along with some other students. Unfortunately, I was put into heat with some pretty fast people. In the end, I managed to get third place in the heat. After doing our 100 m we had to do the triple jump, which I also signed up for. Then after the triple jump, we had running long jump. After those three events, it was time for lunch and we didn’t do any more events.

The next day we continued our track and field events. We finished the rest of our field of events. After our field events, we did our track events. Our track events that day were the 200 m, the 400 m, and the 800 m. I participated in the 200 m and the 400 m. I didn’t do really good in any of them, but I still tried my best. By the end of the second day, we completed all our events except for the 1500 m run. On our third and final day, the grade 8 boys did their 1500 m run. Even though I did not get a really good time I’m still happy I managed to complete the run.

Overall, I’m really happy this year of my track and field. This year I managed to do all the events except for the 800 m. Even though I did the 1500 m I probably won’t do it again. In the end, I’m really happy that I managed to do so much track and field this year.


This week I will be talking about the game Warframe.

I have been playing for the past month, and I have enjoyed the game so far. The game takes place in a fictional solar system. The goal of the game is to save the system from aliens. In the game, there is little character customization. The reason you don’t have your own character is because you select a character. In Warframe, you select a Warframe and that will be your character. I am currently using 3 Warframes and I’m switching between them.

I believe the gameplay is alright but it has some bugs. For example, the game is in a third-person perspective. In third-person games, you look over your character shoulder, not through their eyes. However, this kind of view can lead to weird camera angles. Like if you crash into a wall, you can see outside the world. Another gameplay mechanic is the physics engine. This means you can do really cool stuff. However, if you pin an enemy to the wall weird things starts happening. Overall, I really like the gameplay.

The plot in the game is decent. The problem is the requirement to proceed is really high. For example, one requirement to move the story is to kill 250 enemies in one mission. So I usually repeat the previous mission on a harder difficulty. However, the game is not all about the story missions. You can do a regular mission with other people. Overall the plot is not the best but play with people is fun.

In the end, I think Warframe is a great game. The gameplay is good but it has some bugs. Overall, this is a wonderful free to plays game.

The Division

The Division is a third-person MMO shooter created by Ubisoft. In this blog, I will be talking about my opinion on The Division.

The most interesting thing about this game is that it is the only MMO shooter on the PC (until Destiny 2 comes out). The biggest problem with the game is with all the bugs and glitches. However, from my short 2-days of experience I have not encountered any problems yet. I believe that this game has ruined its reputation because of it’s bugs and poor launch. Thankfully, the game has been making a comeback ever since patch 1.6.

The gameplay of the division is alright. It has a variety of weapons, but it lacks end game content. Some other problems to point out is that the character customization is horrible. All the enemies are bullet-sponges and there are a lot of hackers. However, these problems have been become less and less of a problem with patches.

Overall the Division is a good game. However, the bugs ruin the PvE while the hackers ruin the PvP. I believe the Division can become a good game with a bit of tweaking. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t buy it unless it was on sale. If you like MMOs and shooters this can become a great game for you.

Motor city cat show

Last week, Mommy, aunty Lily, and I went to the Motor city cat show. We left early in the morning at around 9 o’clock. This was early for me since it was the weekend. The drive took around 45 minutes, but I slept for most of the ride.

When we finally arrived, we had to get our tickets from the front booth. The first cats we saw when we entered the building, were Bengal cats and some Montreal Balinese cats. We didn’t take a closer look at the Bengal cats because mommy had to talk to a Balinese cat breeder. After listening to mommy and the breeder talk, I got bored. Soon, I started looking through the booklet that we got from the booth. The book was full of ads and cat facts.

Later, we found out that the breeder’s cat entered one of the shows. So we sat and waited for the show to begin. The show was not what I had in mind when I thought of a cat show. Instead of cats running around, I saw a woman handling the cats and looking for the best cat. After the show, we found out that the breeder’s cat had entered several other shows. However, we were told that those shows won’t start until later in the day. After the show, mommy talked to the breeder again. Since I had nothing to do, I looked at all the other cats. I saw different shows and saw different cats. In my opinion, the cutest cat I saw was a Ragdoll cat.

Eventually, mommy finished speaking with the breeder. We then looked at all the different cats together. When we were about to leave, mommy started talking to another breeder from Montreal, so we spent another 30 minutes talking to the breeder. Eventually, we left the building and went home.

Overall, I think my cat show experience was a bit anti-climactic. It was not what I expected of a cat show. Still, seeing all sorts of cat breeds in one building was very cool. If I had a choice, I would go to a cat show again.

Why we should get a Kitten

This blog is meant to point out some reasons to why we should get a cat. Since we might get a cat, I thought I should talk about the advantages of getting a cat. One reason to get a cats is beacause they are silent alarm clocks. The second reason is cats are more independent than dogs, and my third reason is cats are cute.

My first reason to get a kitten is it will wake me up in the morning. Cats are usually active at dusk and dawn. Since the cat will sleep in my room, it will bother me until I wake up. Also if we get a cat it can replace the very annoying alarm clock. Some thoughts on my alarm clock by my family are “it rings non-stop” and “I don’t know” (Kalen’s actual quote). So if we had a cat, we could get rid of the alarm clock. Doing this would let everyone sleep peacefully on the weekends.

My second reason to get a cat is there easier to take care of than dogs. My little brother, Kalen would rather have a dog than a cat. I believe he is wrong though. Cats usually have a height of 23 – 25 cm. Dogs usually have a height of 6.3 – 110 cm, so the biggest dog is four times larger than the biggest cat. Another thing you need to do if you have a dog is walking it. Walking a dog can be bothersome especially if you have a busy schedule. If you have a cat, on the other hand, you won’t need it walk in at all. Also, dogs usually want more attention than cats. You still need to play with a cat but, not as often as a dog. One last thing a cat can do is use the toilet. If you can properly train a cat to use the toilet, you won’t need a litterbox. Overall, cats are more independent and intelligent than dogs.

My third and final reason of why we should get a cat, is to keep us company. Dogs can keep you company but, I think cats do it better. A cat will sit on your lap and won’t bother you unless they want attention. I also believe cats are cuter than dogs. Some dogs are cute like the Corgi however, overall I believe cats are cuter.

Overall, I believe that a cat will help us and is a better option than a dog. A cat can help me become a morning person. A cat is more independent than a dog, and cats are cute. Those are my three reasons why we should get a cat.