Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open world fantasy RPG that was released a few weeks ago. The game features different characters, locations, dungeons, and quests for you to play through. Since the game is free to play, I decided to give it a try a couple days ago.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the game is the art style. Genshin Impact uses a pretty clean anime art style that not a lot of other games use. As far as I know, the only other game I’ve seen with a similar art style is the yet to be released Blue Protocol. I think that Genshin Impact’s visuals are a lot different compared to something like Black Desert Online, but it certainly has its own appeal.

Another thing that is a big feature for Genshin Impact is the in-game gacha system. For those who are unfamiliar, a gacha system is a common mechanic in these types of RPG games where players can use in-game items and currency for a chance to unlock new characters or items. In Genshin Impact, this is pretty much the only way to unlock new characters. Playing through the game’s story does give you a few free characters, but the rarest 5 star characters can only be unlocked through the gacha.

One thing that I feel like is pretty important to note about the gacha system is that the rates for getting 5 star characters and weapons are really low. The base rates for 5 stars is only 0.7% which is pretty low compared to other games. What makes this worse is that the items used to roll on the in-game gacha is really hard to get once you get past the beginning stages of the game. After that, the only easy way to get more chances is to spend real money and hope you get the character or items you want.

As for the in-game story and gameplay, I found it to be pretty enjoyable for the first little while, but I can definitely see myself getting a bit bored if it was the only game I played. You can switch between your different characters who have different abilities, and you can go around exploring different areas of the world or take on quests. The game does include side quests along with the main quest like most other games, but that was about all I found.

Genshin Impact also isn’t necessarily multiplayer. There’s an option to play through dungeons with up to 4 other players, but other than that, the game is pretty much singleplayer only. For, me this kind of makes the game a bit less enjoyable. I’m already not really the type to play that many story-based games unless they seem really interesting, so for me, I just really like the art style and graphics.

Overall, Genshin Impact does seem like a really cool game, and I can see why a lot of people are playing it right now. Personally, I’m not too big of a fan, but if you like singleplayer games and don’t mind the bad gacha rates I think the game could be really enjoyable. In the end, I think I might make a few new accounts for the free gacha rolls to see what I get. I probably won’t get anything good, but I think Genshin Impact can still be a game I can dabble with when I feel like it.

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