Summer Break

School ended around a week ago, and summer has already started. So far, I’ve gone up to the cottage with my brother, mom, and a friend of mine, but here are the other things I plan on doing over the summer break.

I mentioned before that I went up to the cottage; which was around a week ago. While we were there, my mom helped me record some video for the song, “O Canada” which I recorded the audio for when we got back. After I mixed the audio and posted it on Instagram for Canada Day I was done with the project, but it was pretty fun. If we ever go back to the cottage another time over the summer I might try to record something else.

I’m also going to try writing some more guitar arrangements for some other songs because the song I’m currently trying to write with my music teacher is coming close to completion. After that, I’ll have some more time to look at some other songs because I have a few arrangements that I’m not really happy with or haven’t finished. I also want to try out some new songs too.

Another thing I plan on doing is completing most of my volunteer hours. In our education system, every student needs a minimum of 40 hours of volunteering for a nonprofit and registered organization before you graduate from high school. You are able to spend time volunteering anytime throughout your four years in high school or even after, but I plan on getting most of my high school hours done this summer to get them over with. However, if something else interesting comes up later on I might volunteer for it anyways.

Additionally, I want to spend a lot of time playing games. Since school is out I can even play on weekdays now. I’ve still been playing osu! after a whole year as well as CS:GO, but recently my friends and I have started playing a lot more Minecraft again. We’re spending time checking out all the new features that were added since the last time we played. I think one of the most fun things we’ve done is spending time rebuilding and working on different types of in-game projects that we used to make. One more game I’ve been getting into is League of Legends which is a really popular game. I’d already played it a little bit before a long time ago, but now my friends are trying to get me into it. Even though I’m really bad, I’m still having fun playing with the rest of my friends.

Overall, that’s almost everything I’m doing this summer besides following the new 2019 Summer anime season. Maybe if I feel like it, I’ll write about all of the different shows near the end of the summer, but those are all my plans for this year’s summer.

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