Graduation Trip Day 2

Last week, I wrote about the first day of my class’ graduation trip, so if you haven’t read it yet you should read it first since it tells you what the trip is about. On day 2 of the trip we didn’t do as many things as day one, but it was still an interesting day.

When we woke up, we headed down to eat breakfast with the rest of our classmates, and before we went back to our rooms the teachers told us where to meet up to start our activities. The breakfast was a pretty standard breakfast buffet, so it wasn’t too bad compared to last night’s dinner.

As group B, we were free to explore the rest of the Discovery Pass until lunch, so my friends and I ended up going over to the Apex Bag Jump. It was pretty much the last thing that we were interested in that we didn’t do yet. At the jumping platform there are four bags at different heights, starting from bag one, two, three, and then four which is the highest. The people there made you jump off of bag one first to see if you were able to land properly the way they show you. Then if you want, you can continue up to the rest of the bags. I thought it was pretty fun since you usually don’t get a chance to jump off of high places, but that’s all the bag jump was.

For group B, we had our lunch scheduled early so most of us decided to just play some more mini golf until lunch. Unlike the previous day, we were able to get a scorecard to play, and we actually found it quite difficult to play the course. However, we still had a lot of fun playing.

Lunch was inside a café near the rest of the activities, and everyone got a lunch ticket that let you choose a meal from seven different choices. All of them were kind of fast food type meals like chicken fingers, burgers, and poutine, but you got to choose a piece of fruit and a drink as well. I had a cheese burger with fries, and it was one of those frozen beef patties that you get in a box, but it was alright.

After lunch, everyone in group B gathered together to go for our bike ride on the mountain. We went over to the bike rental center, and everyone got a bike and helmet to use. The bikes there weren’t that different from the one that I have in the garage, but I think they had larger tires. Once we got our bikes, we took them up the gondola, and at the top, there was this gravel area that you could ride around in as you wait for the rest of the group to come up. If you didn’t know how to ride a bike or didn’t feel comfortable following the trail you could stay in the gravel area, and just ride around. If you weren’t doing that, you would follow the guide through the trail where we went through a trail in the trees. They do have different types of trails from beginner to expert, but the one we went on was quite flat, and only had a few puddles. I didn’t really find it very hard, but some people in the back were moving slowly, so we had to stop and wait sometimes.

When we finished biking, we went back down the gondola to return our bikes and helmets. Then, we got all of our stuff back from our rooms and went down to the parking lot to wait for our bus. I think our bus was delayed since we were waiting outside for a long time, and whenever a bus passed by people were wondering if that was finally our bus. At one point our bus finally arrived and we were on our way home. Most of us slept on the way back since a lot of people found sleeping in the rooms slightly uncomfortable. The bus took us back to the school and everyone had their own ways of getting home from there.

Overall, the trip was a fun experience for me, and I was able to do all sorts of different types of activities with my friends. I think a lot of people took pictures, so they’ll even be putting those into our graduation video too.

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