A few days ago one of my friends told me that I should check out this new game with him that I’ve never heard of called Dauntless. I asked him to explain the game to me and it seemed pretty interesting.

Dauntless is a game developed by Phoenix Labs. The company is supposedly a small team made up of developers from other game making studios such as BioWare and Riot Games. Dauntless follows a “Monster Hunter” genre where you create your own character that starts off with really basic gear. As you progress through the game by defeating monsters you can upgrade your weapons and armor in order to defeat even stronger monsters.

There are all sorts of different quests and expeditions that you can part take in either solo or within a group. By completing objectives you can gain materials to craft new or improve your current gear. The combat system has different combos for different weapons almost like an MMO game like Black Desert Online.

The world that you play consists of a bunch of floating islands called the Shattered Isles. After a cataclysmic event Behemoths were dispersed throughout the game. Your player is known as a “Slayer” to the NPCs and you are supposed the eliminate the Behemoth threat one your adventure.

Overall, I think this game is pretty cool and interesting. It feels like the type of game where if your group of friends is feeling bored you guys could get onto Dauntless and just talk while hunting monsters.

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