Apex Legends

Ever since a few days ago Apex Legends has been the biggest new game that seems to even be overtaking Fortnite at the moment. As a brand new game with the amount of content it has I think that this can turn into a really good game.

Apex Legends is a game that holds ties to the Titanfall franchise. Although the stories of the games are related, the gameplay is different. Instead of traditional game modes like team deathmatch or capture the flag, Apex Legends is another battle royale game. 60 players land onto the map known as Kings Canyon in groups of three. Your team finds weapons and supplies to fight the other players in order to be the last ones remaining.

What I think makes this game different from games like PUBG or Fortnite is that at the start of each game you choose a Legend which are the eight selectable characters. Each Legend has their own different abilities and ultimates. A squad can only have one of each Legend so a fight can turn out differently depending on which Legends are involved. In Apex Legends you are also able to slide around and climb up small walls. The mobility you have in the game negates the need for any types of vehicles.

The game was built really well with nice graphics and already has plenty of customizable cosmetics. Weapons were taken from the previous Titanfall games and the general gameplay looks smooth. There is a “battle pass” similar to Fortnite’s that contains exclusive seasonal cosmetic items.

Overall, I think the game looks amazing at the moment. The gameplay is good and the game itself is free to play on Origin. However, the game’s engine runs on a modified version of the Source engine which is known for having lots of cheats made for it. Additionally the game’s publisher, EA is also known for creating games that were ruined because of the amount of money that EA expects players to pay for DLC and other such items. Hopefully, the free game of Apex Legends stays free as far as the gameplay goes.

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