Fortnite Shopping Carts and Jetpacks

In the past two weeks, there have been even more additions to the Fortnite Battle Royale game mode. The items that have the most attention at the moment are the new shopping carts and the jetpack. The jetpack was released a while ago, but I didn’t write about it last week. The shopping carts, however, were just added this week. I was able to use the jetpack a few times last week. However, like always whenever there’s a brand new addition, I haven’t gotten a chance to take a look at the shopping carts for myself.

First the jetpack, it can be found in the chests scattered around the map with a legendary rarity and takes up one inventory slot. The jetpack can only be in use for a while until it needs to recharge. However, it doesn’t have an unlimited amount of fuel. The recharge is more of a cooldown while there’s an actual amount of fuel the jetpack has. When all of the fuel is used up the jetpack is destroyed. It allows the user to fly by jumping whilst in the air. The jetpack can be used to travel faster or to throw an enemy off in the middle of a fight. Personally, I jump around a lot in-game, so when the jetpack gets activated if I press my space bar in the air it sometimes activates when I don’t want it to. This can be kind of annoying since it makes noise, wastes fuel, and I can miss a jump or accidentally hit something.

Next is are the shopping carts. Since I haven’t used them yet, I can only write about what I’ve seen from videos and the patch notes from Epic Games. From what I know, the shopping cart involves up to two players. One person can push the cart while another can ride as a passenger. The shopping cart can move faster than just normally sprinting, but it looks to me to still have some issues. The passenger can build and shoot while the person pushing the cart can only direct the cart to where they want it to go. In my opinion, it doesn’t seem too practical, but I have seen some interesting ideas of people using them in different ways. The shopping carts can be found around the map but can also be destroyed.

Another addition was mushrooms that can be found in shady wooded or swampy areas. When consumed they add five shield to the player if they aren’t already at 100. But other than those there isn’t much else that would be worth mentioning besides some new Limited Time Modes, but if you would like you can read more about the updates here.

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