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Today my school had an event called Educamp for the junior division of the school. Educamp was a group of activities organized by some teachers and taught by some of the Grade Sevens. Some of the activities at Educamp were coding, robotics, 3D printing, and stop-motion animation. A few of my friends and I got to participate in Educamp by being in charge of one of the coding classes. A few weeks before today, we had prepared a Google Slide on how to use a program called Scratch to learn basic code.

The way the day worked was that the junior students were divided into groups designated by colours, and the different colours went to different classrooms that taught different things. The students and teachers split up into whatever subject they would be apart of and then go to a designated classroom. There were either one or two teachers in each classroom, but most of the teaching was done by the Grade Seven students. Since my friends and I were teaching coding we had to set up a lot of laptops for the students to use before the classes actually started. The actual hard part of teaching the classes to code was starting off and explaining the very basics, so for the rest of the time it was pretty easy because most kids are off doing things on their own while experimenting. Of course, there were some times where we would help some students who didn’t quite understand, but generally it was pretty easy. Most kids were well behaved, but occasionally there would be some students who went and played other peoples games that weren’t created by them, and they don’t even understand how it works.

Overall being one of the “instructors” at the Educamp was pretty fun and it was actually not too bad. We even got to play around with the program ourselves when making examples for the class. This was my experience being an instructor for my school’s Educamp.

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