Thanksgiving Dinner

Yesterday my family and I had a Thanksgiving dinner. At the dinner, there was lots of food. I had creamed corn, beef, mashed potatoes, pork stuffing, and stir fried beans. Since I had two loose teeth, I didn’t eat too many things that were hard, so I only had one piece of beef. The dinner was great even though I didn’t eat everything that was available. The only complaint I would have for the meal was that the mashed potatoes were a bit powdery.

Overall the dinner was good and I would eat it again. That was my review of the Thanksgiving dinner that I had last night.


This week I made some jello with my mom using gelatin and flavoring.

First, we measured how much gelatin we needed for each ml of water, and then we had to mix the gelatin and water together. After that, we distributed the gelatin/water mix evenly into four different containers. We then added the flavouring into the mixes. Once we were satisfied with the taste of the liquid we started adding food colouring to the mixtures. When we finished with the food colouring we put the liquids into containers and put them into the fridge to set. After they set, they came out as a soft jello texture that tasted like the flavouring we put in.

That was how we made the flavoured jello that we made this week.