PoPo passed away on Tuesday 1st of December 2015 due to one side of her brain bleeding (I think).

At first when I found out I wasn’t too sad, but the more I thought about it the more I realized what I had lost.

Most of my memory with PoPo are going to the cottage with PoPo and going to Pizza Palace for lunch and we would always have pizza. I also remember when we go to sushi and have a good brunch.

I always liked PoPo as my favourite member of our family because she was always nice to me, and She would sometimes let my do things that would get me into trouble (e.g. playing video games on weekdays or give me red envelops for my birthday or Christmas) But now that she’s gone I’ll have to search for a new favourite family member although she will still and always will be my true favourite family member.

PoPo Influenced me to be kind and generous. She has also kind of told me that life does end and that I should make most of the one that I have now. 

I plan on getting a picture of PoPo and putting it above my bed somewhere, so whenever I go to bed or wake up I can look at this picture and remember her.

If PoPo was still alive today I would tell her that she was my favourite family member, and tell her I loved her very much.

I don’t remember very much from when we were in Hong Kong, but I do remember going to disney world and eating french toast there. I don’t think I will go to the cottage again next year in 2016 because I don’t think it will be the same.

One thought on “Kalen’s Memories of 婆婆 (PoPo)

  1. Hi Kalen, I hope the good memories of Po Po will make you fell less sad. Po Po loved you and Jason very much. I know she would be very pleased and honoured that she was and is your favourite family member. Yes, going to the cottage won’t be the same without Po Po but when you are ready I am sure she would still like you to go there and enjoy yourself and have fun. Just remember what Po Po told you and how much she loved you.

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