Po Po passed away on Dec 1 in a health centre in Sunnybrook. She died because of her brain bleeding. (Could be wrong)

I was sad that Po Po past away I was shocked and almost cried. However I didn’t cry because I saw it coming with my apple watch. On my watch it said funeral arrangement so I didn’t cry. Even Though I am still very sad with PoPo gone her memories live on within us.

I can remember all the times we went to the cottage. At the cottage Po Po was always sitting in the chair or cooking dinner. Due to the fact that most of the time I was outside I can’t remember most of the times at the cottage with Po Po.

Memories of Hong Kong are hard to remember because I was so young. However from what I can remember during our flights to Hong Kong Po Po was always sleeping. When we finally arrived I remember all the shop we went to. For all those dinners Po Po would always be last to sit because she was cooking all the amazing food.

Po Po influenced me to be a better person by teaching me to come to the dinner table in time, taught me how to learn certain task because Po Po couldn’t do it, and much more.

To remember her I can look at photos and videos. Like the video at Hong Kong or all those dinner videos. I can also reflect on this report and remember Po Po in the future.

If Po Po was still alive this is what I would say. I miss you and wish you could have stayed with us a bit longer. We all miss you and hope you find happiness in the next life.

One thought on “Jason’s Memories of 婆婆 (PoPo)

  1. Hi Jason. So happy you have good memories of Po Po. I know she loved you very much and always enjoyed spending time with you and cooking the foods you liked . Just like you I will miss her and wished she could have stayed with us a bit longer. For sure Po Po will find happiness in the next life.

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